The Adventure Begins...

Welcome to a Choose Your Own Adventure web page dedicated to the story of three people who one day discovered they have a secret that could help or destroy the world. The authorities don't want anyone to know that these secrets exist or allow them to fall in the hands of other nations and will do anything to stop this from happening. This could mean anything, even death to our three young individuals as they live their lives as high school students. It could also mean the world could go to war and these three have to do something or the world could be destroyed.

When we pick up the story, it is 2020 in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Society is in a state of flux as governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico have seen an insurgence of nations from all over the world into autocratic superpowers, led by the financial markets of the world in England, the United States and the Asian Pacific nations of China and Japan. Countries have formed alliances, not just out of economic necessity but of military interest and the world is starting to see the effects of economic disasters over the years with tsunami's, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornado's being the norm. This has prompted the pullout of military in countries at war, to deal with economic disasters and the spread of threats from North Korea, the Far East, some African nations and Europe, where the financial bed of the world has shifted to a military threat due to some radical leaders within the former countries of France, Germany, the former Yugoslav republics and the Baltic Republics have taken over.

Meanwhile, a group of teenagers were in school preparing to graduate from high school and go off to university but as the world around them was changing, they were focusing on their personal lives as any other teenager would do. Three of them had a secret that even they weren't aware of though and it stretched much further than their Friday, January 13 births, 17 years ago. Each one of them had a power that only top secret government documents and a few personnel knew about and the most fascinating part was that they all grew up in the same city and went to school together but were all from different walks of life. They weren't mutants or deformed in any way, but they all had abilities that not only helped themselves in their personal lives but could be used to change society for the good or bad.

Back at the turn of the century, the federal governments of Canada and the United States were working on a secret scientific experiments in human genetics that would eventually produce humans with qualities that were more conducive to making a better society. With the more studies they did, the more costly the venture was until one day the governments changed and these projects were scrapped. The problem was the scientists didn't want to lose what they had done and snuck much of it out of the labs and into hospitals, where they took jobs to front their work on these studies.



The story continues...