What should he do?
No More Secrets...
Over time as the three grew up there were moments where each would display a heightened sense of ability but no one ever knew what it was. Peter was able to play sports at a really high level since he was young and he always excelled at school but many thought he was just naturally gifted at sports and school. The only thing Peter was ever told was that he was given an injection when he was born that would prevent him from many childhood diseases. The first time he ever thought something might be different about him was when he was in Grade 2 when he threw a baseball 150-feet, an incredible distance for someone his age. By high school he was significantly more athletic than any of his classmates and was always the most athletic person on any sporting team.

Peter had been playing in the championship game of his soccer team and scored three goals including the winner. He saw a situation between members of the rival school, Eastland, and some guys that went to Central. This prompted him to come over to see what was happening and he realized the members of Eastland were shoving around some guys including Malcolm. Peter had just been playing a long game and was really tired so getting involved in a situation that could become violent was something he wasn't too interested in getting involved in but inside him, he heard a little voice tell him he should get involved to try and resolve the situation.

What should he do confront the rival members or walk away and not get involved?



Confront the rival members

Walk away and not get involved