Ryan Ward Campaign


Welcome to the campaign to elect Ryan Ward as your Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Trustee in Zone 6 (Ward 12, 13)

(613) 797.WARD (9273)



My Message

My campaign is called "Kids First" because children attending school since 2020 have been through more than any student has seen in close to a century and I'm running to make sure that all students can truly go back to just learning and not have to face issues that adults have found to be incredibly daunting to deal with themselves.

I'm running to be your Trustee of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for Zone 6 (City Wards 12, 13). This election is your opportunity to ensure you hold your trustee accountable for the money spent by the Board on the areas that matter most. I am here to make sure you can choose someone who will be accountable to all stakeholders within the OCDSB, the students, parents, teachers, support staff and personnel because they all play a major role in how our youth grow up.



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